At Presence you can count on getting a truly therapeutic massage in a safe comfortable space where you can let go and be cared for. Our therapists are well-trained and gifted with an exceptional sense of touch that is guided by a keen intuition and knowledge of the body. Healing is a partnership and together you and the therapist will co-create the massage and therapeutic plan so that you get what you want and what you need. Bring us your stressed, tense and injured body and allow us to support your return to vibrant health.

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Karen Wright, CMT

Massage Therapy

Living a healthy and balanced life has been a passion of mine my entire adult life. This passion lead me to UC Santa Cruz where I earned a bachelor’s degree in Biology, with an emphasis in Physiology. I bring to my practice a personal dedication to health, for myself and others, joined with perfected technical skill and heart. My intention is to allow your body, mind, and emotional disharmony to return to your natural state of ease.


I am passiontate about the benefits of massage therapy. With nearly 20 years of practice, and working with hundreds of clients, I have witnessed the regenerative and profound effects massage therapy can have in people’s lives. The beauty of massage is that it is a safe, therepeutically effective, and deeply relaxing modality that supports you to heal in body, mind, and spirit. When the body is freed from tension and pain, and the mind quieted, the heart naturally opens and the healthy essence of our being easily come forth. This is the gift that my work can offer you.

My work is both highly therapeutic and nurturing. I have many years of experience working in health care clinics and spa settings, At Presence, you will receive a beautiful blend of both.

You will find my work to be tailored to your specific needs. I graduated with highest honors from UC Santa Cruz, with a bachelors degree in biology/physiology, and I have a wide range of massage therapy modalities to ofer you. As well, through the longevity of my practice I have gained a strong intuitive knowing of what my clients need. With the blending of the intellectual understanding of the body, a broad skill set, and my intuition, I bring to you a massage that is very unique and effective.

Thank you for the opportunity to share my passion for my work, I would be delighted and honored to help you on your path to a more healthy and vibrant life.

Katie Roye, CMT

Massage Therapy

I strive to help others find internal peace, harmony, and balance. I've always cared about the happiness and healthiness of every beautiful, perfect stranger I see. With each stroke, stretch, and strengthening exercise I help you and your body reach closer to the vitality you had before life and stress changed you. Within your sessions, my intention is to synchronize a physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy soul.


Discovering my passion at an early age was a true stroke of fortune. Now, I am able to devote years of my life to the gift of relaxation and holistic healing. I chose the best school in California to hone and expand my skill of the simple therapeutic touch. The National Holistic Institute taught massage as an approach to healing the body, an art form, and an anatomical study. With the knowledge I've gained in the classroom and every day on my massage table I truly believe in the security of a body cared for with massage.

I always approach each session with an open mind. My hands find the aches and pains of the body, and with a client's deep breathing and similarly open-mind, ultimate relaxation and long-awaited release can be found. Health and relief is a continuous journey for all of us, and I've found that massage can greatly help those suffering along that journey, from arthritis to a car wreck to a bad day.

I am trained and experienced in a variety of massage techniques including, Swedish, sports massage, pre-natal, Thai massage, hot stone therapy, deep tissue, and reflexology. Whether we focus on one or many or these, we will create the healing care you want and need.

With every new body I come across my intuition for what needs to be done becomes stronger. I reach for that pain in your neck, low back, or calf and use knowledge, skill, and instinct to work out the specific discomfort I find.

It takes a team to care for your whole body, and when you receive my massage, you and I become an integral partnership within that caring team.

Andrea Spacek, CMP, CYT

Thai Massage Practitioner

It is my passion to create safe, sacred space for people to explore the depth of their body's wisdom, power, and potential - to discover their true nature. There are an infinite number of paths that lead there. The practice of yoga, meditation, and breath work are my medicine. They offer me experiences of deep joy, release, and physical and spiritual expansion. Thai Massage offers a perfect blend of these practices, resulting in more freedom, calm, and ease of movement within the body. It is a joy and a privilege to share this ancient healing practice with you.


When I took my first Reiki training in 2004, it was clear that my journey as a healer would be a lifelong passion. Since that time, I have been exploring new ways to cultivate and access my healing potential, and expand my awareness.

I became a Certified Yoga Instructor in 2008, and went on to teach group and private classes, assist with teacher trainings, and take training workshops. I was first introduced to Thai Massage in one of my yoga teacher trainings. It was a perfect combination of yoga, meditation, compassionate touch, breath control, and rhythmic movement. The effect of receiving it was pure bliss. I was in love.

I took my Thai Massage Training with Alexandra Epple through the Healing Arts Institute in 2013, and went on to complete the training needed to become a Certified Massage Practitioner (CMP). One of the aspects of Thai Massage that excites me is that it is a vast field, offering as many styles and techniques as yoga. As a practitioner, I'm always cultivating new techniques and skills to offer my clients.

No two Thai Massage sessions are the same. It is an intuitive practice, directed by the vibration of energy moving through the recipient, felt through deep listening by the practitioner. Patients have experienced release of a chronic aches or pains, freedom of movement from the assisted stretching after joint replacements, surgeries, or acute tension, and others have been able to release and process deeply held emotions. Across the board, each of my patients has left the room reporting a feeling of openness, peace, and physical freedom that they hadn't felt in a while.

It brings me deep joy to offer this practice to you. Namaste.

More about Thai Massage (downloadable Word doc)


“Karen is highly skilled with a wide variety of techniques. She is also extremely intuitive to listening to the subtle massage of the body. Always professional, present, and warm, Karen demonstrates the easeful confidence that comes from years of mastery.”


“I admit that when I first accepted the offer of a free massage with Bernadette, I never anticipated the long and valued experience I’ve had with her. I am happy that this has lead to my significantly reduced use of medications. I can’t say enough about how much I value Bernadette and her dedication, attention and skill at reading and addressing the needs of the individual’s body.”


“Karen is a wonderful person and a great massage therapist. She turns a grey day into bright sunshine. She also works extremely well with my treatment with Dr. Rick.


“Thank you Bernadette, you are a truly gifted professional. Every time you work on me, I feel like a new man. I will always recommend you to anyone in need of a therapeutic massage.”



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