Below you will find downloadable forms for our new patients and clients, FAQ’s, and articles on many health topics. Lastly, check out our links for more information on our work, other natural health practitioners in our area, and websites with vital health related information.

  • Is your office inside the Auburn Racquet and Fitness Club?Yes. When you enter through the main door of the club, tell the staff at the front desk that you are here to see us at Presence. As a guest of the club they will ask you to sign in and then they will show you where we are located.
  • Do I have to be a member of the Auburn Racquet and Fitness Club?No. If you are not a member of the club, you just need to sign in as a guest at the front desk each time you come to see us.
  • Do you have baby-sitting?You are welcome to leave your children at the club’s baby-sitting during your session in our office. There is no charge for this. Please check with the front desk at the club to learn the hours baby-sitting is available.
  • Can I use the facilities at the club? You may use the locker room, sauna and hot tub immediately before or after your visit to our office. Use of the sauna and hot tub must be at the recommendation of one of our practitioners and must be in conjunction with their treatment. No other use of the club is permitted.
  • Can I get a discount membership at the club?Yes. All of our patients and clients can become ARFC members at a discounted rate. Ask at the ARFC front desk for more detailed information.
  • What kind of massage do you offer?Each of our massage therapists can tailor a massage that is most to your liking and therapeutic benefit. They can range from gentle relaxing to deep tissue orthopedic. Please see their sections on this site for more detailed descriptions.
  • Do you take insurance?We accept and bill many insurance companies for Chiropractic care. Please call the customer support number on the back of your insurance card or contact our office and we will call them to verify your insurance coverage. We do not bill insurance companies directly for massage. We can prepare a receipt, for your massage and Chiropractic care, that you can send to your insurance company for reimbursement.
  • Can I use my flexible spending account or my health savings account for care?We have many massage and chiropractic clients that pay with FSA and HSA. To be sure you will want to contact your company human resources department or the company that holds the account.

Dr Rick has written more than 100 short articles on how to get healthy, stay healthy, and naturally heal many illnesses. These articles cover blood sugar, cleansing and detoxification, allergies, headaches, arthritis, pain relief, children, menopause, immune health and much more. Click on the link to go to Dr Rick's website to see them all.




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