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Electronic Peel

At last, a SAFE PEEL FOR ALL SKIN TYPES including active acne, rosecea ethnic skin and those with super sensitive skin. Say good-bye to the discomfort, dryness and redness. No need to schedule your social life around treatments, your skin will look radiant throughout each and every one of your treatments. There is no down time!!

Beyond MicroDermabrasion

As seen on TV “The Doctors”

Great for Women & Men

Experience the breakthrough treatment everybody is talking about!

The Benefits are clear! The Dermal Sound Plus uses water and low-frequency Sonic Cavitation Technology to gently exfoliate 10-35% of the skin’s top layers, assisting in minimizing of the effects of photo-damaged skin as well as improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Ultrasonic Peels provide a thorough and consistent exfoliation with little or no irritation. It uses no crystals, salts or chemicals, only pure distilled water. In addition to skin exfoliation, Ultrasound provides a deep cleansing action that leaves the skin in perfect condition. The results are perfectly toned, tighten and moisturized skin. Ultrasound provides a deep cellular micro-massage, which stimulates cell renewal and collagen production. Ultrasound has the ability to activate cellular renewal, and provides benefits for all layers of the skin, not just the superficial layer.

Ultrasonic Facial Treatment:

45-60 minutes$100 ( Series of Six recommended for best results)

45-60 minutes Ea $50 (Save $100 with Series of Six)

The secret of having healthy and beautiful skin is in proper care. Properly customized treatments of the face, neck, declote, and natural products will help to keep skin in perfect condition and maintain natural moisture, protecting it from premature aging.


Dermalogica products are simple, but provide a serious and unique skin care system that delivers effective results in a minimum amount of time. Dermalogica products are designed as a professionally recommended program of salon treatmentsand maintenance products, without complicated, outdated rituals.

Dermalogica European Face Treatments: These luxury treatments are revolutionary because they are customized for your individual needs and are unique to each individual’s skin type based on your skin analysis. They include deep cleansing, steaming, exfoliation and extractions. A rejuvenating aromatherapy massage and custom masque are used to balance, tone, hydrate, and brighten your complexion, restoring a natural glow. These treatments will refine the skin and leave you feeling relaxed and pampered. A relaxing foot and leg massage are included.

Multi Vitamin Power Face Treatments designed for prematurely aging skin, to noticeably improve skin elasticity, tone and texture. designed for sensitized, mature or prematurely aged skin in need of firming.

Ultimate Firming and Contour Face Treatment designed for sensitized skin. It is an incredibly soothing skin protecting treatment for skin that is looking red, inflamed or feeling itchy. It will instantly calm redness and reduce inflammation.

All Face Treatments
60-75 minutes $80 & Up

Revitalizing Eye Rescue Treatment: This treatment can be performed alone or incorporated into any facial treatment. It is designed to firm and tone the eye area, help to diminish fine lines, reduce puffiness and soothe irritated tired eyes.

20 minutes $20

Teen Express Facial

Good skin care routines need to start now! Teen facials can be part of a teen’s regular facial skin care treatment to help him/her maintain beautiful skin. A skin analysis, deep cleansing, steaming, exfoliation, extractions and a home care plan designed to reduce skin problems, will be provided.

60 minutes $60

Waxing Treatments

A full range of facial and body hair removal using a gentle depilatory wax is offered.

  • $17 & Up
  • $12 & Up
  • $30 & Up
  • $35 & Up
  • $65 & Up
  • $30 & Up
  • $30 & Up
  • $45 & Up
  • $25 & Up
  • $40 & Up

Men’s Skin Care Treatment

Men want healthy skin too! Deep cleansing and hydration will help maintain a youthful appearance. This treatment is designed with special concern for men’s skin problems. It takes factors such as shaving habits, etc. into account to help prevent ingrown hairs and other skin problems unique to men.

60-75 minutes $80

Body Wraps

Aromatherapy Body Wrap Treatments increase circulation, resulting in detoxification and revitalized skin elasticity


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