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Important Information and New Offerings

Updated: May 20

We hope this message finds you healthy and with some measure of ease and calm in these uncertain times. We are all doing well. Home with our families and loved one’s. Playing games, taking walks, catching up on movies and binging TV shows.

We have some new offerings, links and important information below. So, please take a few minutes to read on.

Our main office is still closed due to public health recommendations and the closure of the club. Dr. Rick continues to see patients at his temporary location. Massage and skin care are on hiatus until it’s safe to return.

The Department of Homeland Security has defined Chiropractic as an “Essential Provider.” Dr. Rick will continue to see patients at his temporary location of 11879 Kemper Rd, Suite 3. In an effort to safeguard his patients and himself, he is limiting his practice to seeing only those in need of care for necessary and acute conditions. Please consider the severity of your condition prior to contacting him for an appointment. If you aren’t sure, leave a message at our office number (530-889-0388) and he will return your call. You can also reach him by text at 530-409-3064.

If you think you may have been exposed or you have had symptoms of being sick (especially cough, shortness of breath, fever) please contact Dr. Rick before your visit.

Even though Dr. Rick has not had any signs or symptoms, he will begin wearing a mask at work to help protect his patients. The CDC and California Department of Public Health have recommendations regarding the use of face masks (see the following links). Consider wearing a mask whenever you are engaging with others outside your home.

They are in limited supply, but you can find recommendations on how to make your own.

  • CDC:

  • CDPH:

Dr. Rick is also available for online appointments. These can include:

  • Examinations of your aches, pains and injuries

  • Discussion (questions and answers for you and your family)

  • References (for health information or other health providers)

  • Demonstrations of DIY home care

  • Nutrition protocols, diet plans and/or supplement/herb recommendations

  • Ergonomics: Review and assess your home work space. Help set up computers, desks, and chairs for a strain-free and pain-free work day. Our Facebook page has more on this.

Follow us on Facebook by 4/30/2020 and receive a free phone or online consultation with Dr. Rick. Just call our office to schedule.

Please be sure to check our website ( and “Follow” us on Facebook ( for office updates and tips for thriving during this pandemic.

Be Kind. Be Patient. Be Well.

Presence Wellness Center

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